41st Annual Production Sale

Monday, June 4, 2018 at 1:00 pm
At the Lanesboro Sales Commission
Lanesboro, Minnesota
There will be 60 bulls and 40 heifers selling
The sale will also be on DVAuction

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Sunnyslope, the farm my great-grandfather established in 1863, has been producing registered purebred Black Angus cattle since 1898. In recent years, progeny from his herd have included S S Traveler 6807 T510 and his son, S S Objective T510 0T26 a rare bull who sired the 4th most registered progeny in 2008, the 3rd most registered progeny in 2009, and the 2nd most registered progeny in 2010. In 2011, he was 5th for registered progeny and now at the end of 2017, he is the 9th leading sire of all time for registered progeny at 33,895 according to the 2017 December issue of the Angus Journal.

Other sires to recieve national attention:
S S Rito 8221 X01 (Reg. No. 9826213) also known as Super X
S S Rito 0715 0H3 (Reg. No. 9826164) also known as the Mathematician
S S Traveler 6T6 (Reg No. 10889102) also known as 6T6 sold to the Millers of Viewlawn Angus and sired OSU 6T6 Ultra, the 1995 National Western Grand Champion bull, for Oklahoma State University

Our breeding program concentrates on two factors:

  1. We listen to what the industry communicates
  2. We listen to what the customer wants

The bulls and heifers for our 2018 Production Sale have all received the i50K genomic test, birth weights & weaning weights.

In April they will get yearling weights & ultrasound results with the bulls also being semen tested.

Check out the potential of the BULLS ON TEST. Click on the various traits to index the bulls. Click on their registration number to get the pedigree and complete performance picture.

Click on sires and you will find five recent sires Sunnyslope has produced. We are planning on using all five in our 2018 breeding program. They will be in the top row of bulls that are displayed.

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